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More evidence of First Nations genocide


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'Unthinkable loss': More than 200 bodies of children found at Indigenous school in Canada
Officials say more bodies may be found because there are more areas to search on the school grounds.


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Just horrific. I mean, most Canadians, Indigenous or not, kind of knew bodies were there we just never had concrete evidence of such.

They had a memorial service at the Stanley Cup Playoffs the other night, before the game. Well, one of the teams playing, the Montreal Canadiens, their goaltender is from that community and there's a very real possibility any of those kids could be related to him. Now they are trying to identify the kids and give the families closure.

And yeah, the Catholic Church needs to compensate for this. I would say gut the Vatican, and melt down every piece of gold in there, and give it to all those hurt by the Catholic Church over the centuries.