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What do you think about this "black lives matter only" mentality blacks

AssassinCreed Ibero-Itali

Well-known member
Check this random comment I saw made by this black hoodrat ho-e on Instagram. Basically saying Fook everyone else but them. When it comes to stop the hate of other minorities.

I don't know but I think this is number one Bullsh1t. The mentality by some of these blacks who say "black lives matter". Hypocrisy at it's best.

Better yet how about all lives matter. Sh1t. Seriously.received_155720509897900.jpeg


New member
"I love Asian culture but fuck them" - lol.

I will never get this type of thinking... "Fuck everyone else... but us, because we are sooo clearly victimized omggggggg" -- it's disgusting. They always say they want to be seen as equal... but then victimize themselves so hard and wonder why they are seen differently than other groups.


Active member
Yeah we just found a bunch of Indigenous children in a mass grave so this bitch can STFU.

Side note: nothing makes my blood boil more than when black people refer to themselves as “Indigenous people”, especially after going to South Africa and seeing how blacks treat the Indigenous Khoisan people there.

Don’t get me wrong, I support Black Lives Matter but these idiots have got to go.