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    Classify him and where can he pass

    Actually he definitely is an intermediate between Pontid and Berid. He has very soft features so no atlanto-med.
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    The Languages of Siberia

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    The Basic Boxing Stance + Fundamental Tips - Boxer's Beginning Part 1

    + Tips + Tips (Guards and Styles of Guards)
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    The Alpine race:

    Chad, but I don't think East Alpinids are genetically related or phenotypically related with European Alpinids.
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    The Alpine race:

    People don't seem to realize tha Alpinids can have robust/rugged features and facial bone structure and must be brachy. If an Alpinid isn't brachy he is just usually a jawless med. Alpinids is a very unjusted phenotypes completely disparaged by TA tards.
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    Classify and place me

    Pontid/Gracile Mediterranid but very slightly dinaricized or Pontid/Gracile med + Atlanto-med with slightly dinaricized features. And in them you could have some reduced alpine because your nose is recessing. You have very Gracile med features.
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    Classify this sexy lad here

    Ancestry: Aromanian (Variety in looks from Central Albanian to Greek to Romanian, more northern shifted than Greeks and Albanians) Albanian (Of Arvanite tribe, Southern Albanians but it has been proposed they might had some Gheg/Northern Albanian) Greek (Minor Asian but Ionian Greek not like...