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collages of kurds


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i am doing collage pics with kurdish pics . i have seen such collages of other ethnicities before and wanted to do them for my ethnicity too :)

here are the ones i have done so far :

note : if anybody thinks about using these pics to post them in other forums he/she can do so BUT only if you use the links/adresses (copy paste) that i am providing and do not save the pics

edit : i will also post G25 models in the OP

ancient :

Target: Kurdish
Distance: 2.5576% / 0.02557607
34.2 Iran_Neolithic
24.4 Early_European_Farmer
17.0 Caucasus_Hunter_Gatherer
17.0 Levant_Neolithic
7.4 Eastern_European_Hunter_Gatherer

the levant neolithic has a lot of early european farmer in it . so if we use natufian instead of levant neo then :

Target: Kurdish
Distance: 2.8994% / 0.02899450
35.6 Iran_Neolithic
34.2 Early_European_Farmer
16.0 Caucasus_Hunter_Gatherer
7.8 Levant_Natufian
6.4 Eastern_European_Hunter_Gatherer

modern :

we can get modelled as a mix of northern levantine + tajik yagnobi + georgian

in my humble opinion we also look like such mix

Target: Kurdish
Distance: 2.4985% / 0.02498534
37.2 Palestinian_Beit_Sahour
36.0 Tajik_Yagnobi
26.8 Georgian_Imer


on gedmatch calcs i can also get modelled similar to that . yesterday i played around with the eurogenes k10 calc and this is how i can get modelled using that calc on vahaduo

Target: alaska
Distance: 2.3428% / 2.34279811
40.0 Georgian_Imereti
37.1 Palestinian
22.9 Tajik_Pamir

Target: alaska
Distance: 3.3401% / 3.34014208
48.3 Lebanon
31.7 Georgian_Imereti
20.0 Tajik_Pamir

links for the collages (not all) :

embedded :




















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so what do you think ?

every time i look at our faces i have to laugh thinking about certain people who try to depict us in a different way than what we really are / look like

people really have no fucking clue how we look like and just pull wrong stuff out of their asses and some are probably just trolling (they must be)

there many anthromyths about my ethnicity . what i find very strange is the fact that even though i have posted thousands of kurdish faces and also kurdish genetic results there are STILL some people claiming the biggest bullshit about us

i know i am repeating myself often but i can not emphasize on it often enough . we are one of the most missportrayed ethnic groups there is
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this "kurdish/turkish" rapper was posted on another forum for classification

how well does he pass in the collages above ?

he doesnt . a turkish member correctly said that he looks gypsy mixed . and he does look gypsy mixed . i told you all since a long time that we have hundreds of thousands of gypsies living in eastern / southeastern turkey alone and in whole turkey the numbers are very high

i made a thread about kurdish gypsies . here is the link :







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i think many people when they think of kurds have an image in their head like this guy on right

in the thread about the "turkish/kurdish" rapper i was talking about in the post above a turkish guy said that he looks like a kurdish + gypsy mix and then he gave this guy on right as an example and he is right . this guy also looks gypsy mixed

that is NOT a kurdish look as you can see from the collages . the collages are what we look like . but people seem to think of gypsy mixed people when they think of kurds lol


the perception of how kurds look like according to people is very skewed . i have been told to look "too european" for a kurd and that i am not typical even though i am very typical as you can see in the collages where i put my face too . also i once posted my mom for classification on anthroscape years ago and an indian idiot said that my mom "doesnt look kurdish . she looks slavic" . even though my mom is very typical for kurds too . i am sick of it . some idiots then accuse me of "cherrypicking" and "whitewashing kurds" . what a nonsense . i am not cherrypicking nor "whitewashing" ....if this seems to be "whitewashing" to anybody then the reason is that he/she has a wrong image of how we supposed to look like in his/her head . i have posted literally a million kurds including group photos and videos . and as you see these collages alone are many hundreds of kurds and i am not even done making them .

he is a criminal . often the criminals in turkey look similar to him



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some idiots think that we overlap with pakistanis and punjabis . LOL xD

look at the collages again and then ...

look at punjabis :

this is a big group of punjabi guys for example :

click on the link and then look at the faces . kurdish my ass . people who claim such nonsense must be mentally retarded or something

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keep on thinking that our gypsies and gypsy mixed people are kurds , keep believing all the anthromyths about us , keep believing the bullshit certain turks claim about us online , haha . i mean i am not trying to act like as if everybody has kurds in their minds 24/7 or something . repeating myself i know . but what i read about my ethnicity online is just fucking lulzy xD




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anybody willing to look at all the collage pics and state main phenotypes etc ?


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i was aryan n shiet . lel


i guess there are still some people who think that i am looking "too white" to be a typical kurd . even though as anybody can see i am typical . it is just that people have a wrong idea of what kurds look like in their heads

another person said this before to me :


there have even been people that have been almost shocked when i told them that i am kurdish and they said that they have kurds a lot darker and exotic in mind .

i made a classify thread about my dear mother and an indian idiot said " she doesnt look kurdish . looks slavic" . annoying as fuck . @people who hate us ......well done you cocksuckers ....well done . you tricked people to believe that kurds are a gypsoid people with all your propaganda and trolling etc. online
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people still have kurds wrongly in mind

i dont check that sewer often anymore but look at this bullshit : https://www.theapricity.com/forum/s...r-when-young&p=7195567&viewfull=1#post7195567

1. the woman does pass as kurdish

2. why is the OP so surprised that kurdistan gets mentioned ? especially considering the fact that he has seen the kurdish galleries already in another forum . he should know better .

3. "up to bangladesh" .....so yeah .....people still have the false myth in their heads that kurds are a gypsoid / south asianoid kind of people

4. a guy says she would be a "light kurd" . LOL ...she wouldnt be light for kurds but pretty normal . wtf

i rest my case . xD