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collages of kurds


In MY opinion, i think they all look like a mix of western iranians, kavkaz, balkanians and south euros. Most of them have shared feautures

THough there are some of them that stands out to me out of the collage:


Some of these honestly dont look like kurds i seen IRL. The guy on top left corner reminds me of pashtuns TBH, but that might be because the angle and beard. it might be different with other pics of him.

The guy with the purple cross kind of looks like a gulf arab, who in turn are usually south iranians. So i say he kind of look south iranian to me.

The kid with green cross passes EASILY as scandinavian, like danish or swedish. The guys with the blue crosses look PAINFULLY iranian persian to me. The guy with red cross kind of comes off as gypsie looking honestly.

And the other two(girl and man with yellow cross) geniuenly looks south asian to me. Though the guy with yellow cross can pass as darker afghan as well(his forehead seems slightly bigger, but he got the eyes, nose, lips, less defined jaw + longer head, hair style and ears as well that can make him pass for darker afghan).
Despite her skin color, the girl kind of look like an indian (not those darker ones). Her neck + her jaw, chin, eyes, forheead and nose makes me think that.

The rest of the kurds looks like as i said. But thats just my opinion.