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Favourite travel destinations and where you want to go next


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Share some of your favourite travel destinations (other than your own country):

Here are some of mine:

United States: Particularly Alaska, which is so beautiful. You will see more beautiful scenery when you turn your head, and your brain will short out like a slow computer because it’s so hard to process that beauty.

Ireland: Again, beautiful scenery. Interesting history, and very friendly people.

South Africa: Scenery again is amazing. And I was there during the worst drought in a century. Now that they got some rain and flowers are out it’s probably 1000 times more beautiful. Also, you can have fun there because activities are not expensive (and good exchange rates)

Faroe Islands: Beautiful. Not a very familiar place for a lot of people, but it’s very interesting. Natural beauty, fascinating history and culture.

Portugal: I got stuck here after the 9/11 attacks. I had visited all the more popular places in Europe (Italy, Spain, Monaco, etc) and had no plans to visit Portugal but it ended up being a place I feel in love with, despite the unfortunate circumstances of me being there.

Switzerland: Again, beautiful. Very expensive though.

Where I want to go where this coronavirus nonsense is over:

Mexico: I was planning to go to Mexico this October, but I cancelled it due to coronavirus. Though it might be safe since both Canada and Mexico have flattened their curves, but I don’t want to go on a plane breathing in recycled air right now. Maybe next year.

Croatia: looks beautiful. Heard great things. However, it’s very expensive to travel there. Might be a little cheaper when the travel industry is recovering from the pandemic so maybe I will take advantage of that.

Celph Titled

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I want to travel to many countries but here is a my list

Guinea Ecuatorial: Because it is the only country in Africa that speaks Spanish, and I have been getting very curious in regards to the culture. I have been following a few YouTubers who are from that country, they seem very nice, the way they have so much respect for Latinos makes it easy for me to want to travel there

Senegal: Wrestling is my sport that I practiced since I was young all the way to high school, and they have such a big wrestling fan base. I have seen videos of their wrestling matches and I would love to attend to one

Cape Verde: Stala (from ABF) always showed a nice side of Cape Verde that I would want to explore, from the beaches, to cuisine, to the culture and carnivals. Plus, I made many Cape Verdean friends in the Netherlands and ive been invited before to travel with them to C.V. So maybe I will accept their invite soon

Paraguay: The only reason I want to travel there is because it's a Latin American country that I do not know ANYTHING about, its a very unknown and isolated nation within Latin America

Chile: For the longest, I have been wanting to travel there because it looks very developed and I have heard good things about Chile

Switzerland: Definitely their landscape and nature, I have been following a few Instagram pages that cover the natural beauty of Switzerland and man, that country seems very beautiful and blessed with nature

Russia: For the longest (since I was little) I have always wanted to travel to Russia, might be because of the movies that Hollywood puts out when they film in Russia. I also love their architecture. I also want to see if I ever witness a Russian grandma fighting a bear (LOL)


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having worked for american airlines as well as many of my fam members i have had the pleasure to have traveled to over 36 countries

the places i havent gone to yet that i went to visit would be dubia, egypt, china, philippines, new zealand, some pacific islands, russia, north africa, and a few others


I traveled to United Arab Emirates 2 years ago. I enjoyed my visit in Dubai, it was an amazing and unforgettable experience.

I also had the opportunity to visit Ireland, England, Netherlands and Germany. The scenery is beautiful, unfortunately, I had a unpleasant experience in Ireland where I was discriminated. But I will not generalize a whole population based on 2 Irish men.


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Well, Canadians are now allowed into Cuba without doing the 2 week quarantine.

Guess where I'm going next month.