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The Medes (direct ancestors of the Kurds)


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Distance to:Turkish_Balikesir


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dude you are sounding like a sicko

"Vahaduo is a tool made by the Turks, it is a Turkish stool it is fake/stinks " --- wtf ? lol . nope it is not made by turks

and as you see turks are all close to each other even from different regions . truth is truth

and it is normal that on dna plots people of the same ethnicity are a little distributed and not all exactly on top of each other . that is normal .


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I chose turkish balikesir just randomly . you can choose any turkish sample and run it and you will see the list will be similar


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it is not "a random guy" but several people . it is a sample

and every ethnicity has some variation . it is just normal . especially when a country is bigger

"it says nothing" ....yeah because you said it ....


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there are only a couple of outliers other than that they cluster firmly close together

no I am not turkish . and I would say the same things even if I hated turks because unlike you I am objective . you basically made up your own world and live in it and go on rants . you dont even accept any data either . I just showed you G25 distances . but you dont care

so whatever


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we can be modelled as half bronze age anatolian and half bmac . however I also dont think that we have ancestry from there . why should the iranics move to central asia to form the bmac and then come BACK all the way to kurdistan to form us kurds . it doesnt make sense to me


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Map of the Median Empire. The Medes were the true original and actually the only Aryans. The Persians were derived from the Medes in Kurdistan. That is why all Iranic people from Northwest to East have Iran_ChL in them. ALL Iranic people evolved from the Iran_ChL because it is the main major component that connects all Iranics in the world. Iran_ChL is a true Aryan component and without this component Aryans would not exist.

What we also know is that the ancient Medes had similar DNA to the modern Kurds. We have ancient Copper Age and Iron Age DNA from Kurdistan and Kurdish DNA is the most similar to the ancient Iron Age people of Kurdistan.

We know that ancient Iron Age people of Kurdistan were the Aryan Medes and other people who were called the Aryans. They had the same DNA and ancient true original Aryans of Kurdistan just looked like Kurds and were full of Copper Age (Iran_ChL) DNA

Kurds (Kurmanji) are the direct descendants of the Medes.

Kurdish (Aryan) history is connected to the Medes.
Kurdish (Aryan) culture is connected to the Medes.
Kurdish (Aryan) religion is connected to the Medes.
Kurdish (Aryan) region/location is connected to the Medes.
Kuridsh (Aryan) language is connected to the Medes.
Kuridsh (Aryan) DNA is connected to the Medes.

With other words:

Kurds = Medes = Kurds = original, real and the only Aryans on this planet!
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I have always known that Aryans in Kurdistan are as old as the stars in our heaven.

When Salmannaser I fought the Mitanni, he called them the GUTIANS. And the very same Gutians were the ancestors of the Aryan Medes.

The Gutians are very ancient people and most likely closely related to the ancient Ubaid Sumerians who live in Upper Mesopotamia. So, I am almost certain that Ubaid Somerians were Gutians from Zagros who migrated into the Upper Mesopotamia and found an Aryan civilization in Kurdistan

Check this out:

some earliest traces of the Aryan: evidence from the 4th and 3rd millennium B.C.



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There is a new study published on the Middle East.

The genomic history of the Middle East

Like I said earlier, Kurds have no connection with SouthCentral Asia at all. There is evidence that the Aryans from the Zagros Mountains invaded the rest of the Middle East.

Kurds are basically a mixture of Iran_ChL and something similar to the Armenian_EBA

Kurds are very ancient people. In the paper it is said that the 'Iraqi-Kurds clustered with Central Iranian populations' and that "the Iraqi_Kurds are notable for not showing evidence of recent admixture."

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So, the Medes/Gutians were practically a mixture of the Kura-Araxes/Trialeti type of people and the Copper Age Zagrosian (Ubaid) people. But the model above is a little bit wrong. I have seen unpublished models where Kurds are much, much closer to the Copper Age Zagrosian (Ubaid/ARYAN) people (Iran_ChL).

Nevertheless, ALL Kurds from all parts of Kurdistan fall in the very same cluster as other Western Iranic People that has been named CIC (Central Iranian Cluster). That means that CIC is a proto-NorthernWest Iranic (ARYAN) auDNA component that connects all Iranic people together.


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Media as part of the Achaemenid Empire. Notice how almost the whole Caucasus (without Colchis of course) was called Lesser Media by the Achaemenids.



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We have now found genetic links between the Aryan/Median Iran_ChL auDNA and the CHG from the Caucasus.

Even in the nineteenth century the Medes/Aryans were associated with the Transcaucasia (Southern Caucasus). The concept of the so called 'Caucasian' race was born because Western Europeans saw links between the Aryans and the Caucasus and also tried to relate Europeans to the Caucasus.

Caucasus was the so called 'Northern Aryana's Frontiers' of the Aryans. The Medes (Aryans) had a special bond with the Caucasus.

So after the classification and racialization of the Aryans (Medes) into the Caucasus group the so called 'Caucasian' race was born.

In the nineteenth century CE, some Western authors associated the southern Caucasus/Azerbaijan region with the birth land of Zarathushtra and therefore with the Aryan homeland, Airyana Vaeja. Cloaked with the authority of scholarship, they speculated freely. Their speculations led to the racialization of the Aryans and the unfortunate construct of the racial group "Caucasians" - an identifier used by white Europeans to describe themselves to this day.

5-4th cent. BCE Median style Farohar/Fravahar gold pendants found at Sairkhe, Georgia


7-6th cent. BCE Median style Farohar/Fravahar found at Qyzqapan tomb, Sulaymanieh, Kurdistan.


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While it is true that the Europeans (mostly NorthWestern Europeans) have some 'Caucasian' ancestry (via Yamnaya) from the ancient Iran_ChL/CHG folks who invaded Yamnaya, modern Europens are not fully 'Caucasoid'.

Northern Europeans can be seen as 'Europoids', while pure NATIVE Northern West Asian people such as Caucasians and Kurds can be seen as true 'Caucasoid' people. Our ancient direct ARYAN ancestors the Medes were also 'Caucasoid' people in every sense of the word and not 'Europoid' at all like some like to see them. The boundaries of the Aryan Empire ended in Northern Caucasus where on the other side it was mostly populated by the Slavic/Turkic people.
'Europoids' are different from the 'Caucasoids'.

The Aryans Medes who were born in (Eastern) Kurdistan had nothing to do with the Russians or people from Poland at all, lol.

So, according to me it was wrong to call the Europeans 'Caucasoids' because Europeans of today have only very little of that ‘Caucasoid’ ancestry that they got from the second stage proto-Indo-European Yamnaya people.

To my believe the 'Caucasoid' or the ARYAN race was born when the ANE mammoth hunters who came from the north after LGP, settled in the Zagros Mountains and mixed with the locals there. https://www.anthroworldforum.com/in...tion-in-the-upper-mesopotamia.730/#post-15187

That new founded ARYAN 'Caucasoid' hybrid race (Summerians called them Anunnaki) brought later on the legendary Aryan Ubaid/Samarra Sumerians, Gutians/Kassites and of course the Medes into the existence. Native Northern West Asians like Georgians and Kurds are the direct modern product of those ancient legendary 'Caucasoid' race.


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By the way this might be the reason why 'Caucasoid' was replaced by a broader term 'West Eurasian' by the modern science. Because 'West Eurasians' are not only related with each other through CHG/Iran_ChL/ANE/Yamnaya, but also ANF (Anatolian Farmers).

So, the ANF auDNA brings Europoids, Caucasoids, Arabids (Semitc AfroAsians such as Jews, Levant Arabs and Assyrians) even closer to each other.



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The Medes were ground-breaking people and changed the course of the humanity. They (and not the Persians) were the first people who created the first 'Aryan Empire'. They were not only at the beginning of the concept of the 'law of the Medes and Persians', but the Medes were also the founders of the monotheism. The introduction of the monotheism changed human race like never before. Without the Medes there would never be the so called 'Abrahamic religions'.

The word 'magic' come from the Median priests called Magi. The Medes also invented many minor things, like incense, but also the 'fashion clothing' and the 'open column auditoriums' where people could show off their beautiful fashion outfits. :)

The invention of the Aryan Medes, column audience halls.