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What Are Your Favorite Pandemic Books or articles reading?

AssassinCreed Ibero-Itali

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Covid-19 has upended life across the world, but one activity that has been largely untouched is reading.

Researching and reading are good for us. Be reading or even watching a movie or something. But this is about your favorite readings. So especially during the Pandemic, you must have a book you like to read. Either from a book you have or from an Online book.
The stay-at-home orders for millions of people across the world have radically changed how we spend our time.

One activity that’s been largely untouched by the pandemic? Reading. What is on your reading list? Share your favorite titles in the comments section of this article, along with anything a potential reader should know about them.

I personally, like to read about history and stuff. It is something that interests me. I like to read about my history but not just of mine but of many others of the world. That being said. A book I like to read and I still check out is Races of Man. A good book that talks about some History and of different races and phenotypes. My bread and butter hehe. Another book is Conquistadors and Ancient Rome. To name a few. I will name other books as we comment here.
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